Asymmetric direct detection of optical signals

Inventors: X. Li, M. O'sullivan, Z. Xing, D. V Plant, M. E M. Pasandi

U.S. Patent: 17/578,853 (2022)

Optimum three dimensional constellations for optical interconnects employing stokes vector receivers

Inventors: M. Morsy-Osman, D. V. Plant, S. Lessard (Ericsson)

U.S. Patent: 11,245,473 (2022)

DSP-free `coherent lite` transceiver for next generation 1 lambda x 400G 10km optical intra-datacenter interconnects

Inventors: D. V. Plant, M. Morsy-Osman, M. Sowailem, E. El-Fiky, T. Hoang, S. Lessard (Ericsson)

U.S. Patent: 11,228,371 (2022)

Bias control structure for avalanche photodiodes

Inventors: D. V. Plant, A. Samani, and M. Ayliffe (Lumentum)

U.S. Patent: 10,797,193 (2020)

Patterned accumulation mode capacitive phase shifter

Inventors: D. V. Plant, N. A. Calvo, L. Xu, D. Patel, M. Parvizi (Ciena), and N. Ben-Hamida (Ciena)

U.S. Patent: 10,330,962 (2019)

Low-latency adjustment of flexible transceivers using pilot signal

Inventors: D. V. Plant, and Q. Zhuge (Ciena)

U.S. Patent: 10,027,424 (2018)

Optical transmitters and receivers using polarization multiplexing

Inventors: D. V. Plant, M. Osman, and M. Chagnon

U.S. Patent: 10,116,410 (2018)

Method and apparatus for distributed synchronous clocking

Inventors: David R. Rolston, David V. Plant, and Gordon W. Roberts

U.S. Patent: 7,035,269