Journal Papers

Digital compensation of cross-phase modulation distortions using perturbation technique for dispersion-managed fiber-optic systems

Optics Express, Vol. 22, No. 22 (2014)

Thermally controlled coupling of a rolled-up microtube integrated with a waveguide on a silicon electronic-photonic integrated circuit

Optics Letter, Vol. 39, No. 9 (2014)

Invited Talks & Tutorials

Silicon-based products and solutions

Photonics West, Invited Talk, paper 8988-20

Multi-Terabit/Second Short and Long Reach Fiber-Optic Transmission Systems

Photonics North, Keynote Talk

Book Chapters


Book: VLSI Micro and Nano-Photonics: Science, Technology, and Applications

Conference Proceedings

Analytical Modeling for Ultra-High-Speed Microring Modulators with Electrical and Optical Dynamics

Proc. ECOC

OOK and PAM Optical Modulation Using a Single Drive Push Pull Silicon Mach-Zehnder Modulator

IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics

Invited Journal Papers

Beyond 100 Gb/s: Advanced DSP Techniques Enabling High Spectral Efficiency and Flexible Optical Communications

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine vol. 82 (2014)