Post-Doctoral Fellows & Research Professionals

Date Name Current Position
2016-2019 Dr. Meng Xiang Associated Professor at Guangdong Univerity of Technology, China
2018-2019 Dr. Ramon Gutierrez-Castrejo Professor at UNAM, Mexico
2016-2018 Dr. Neng Liu Photonics Support Engineer at CMC, Kingston
2016-2018 Dr. Yun Wang Engineer at Ciena, Ottawa
2015-2017 Dr. Nicolás Abadia Lecturer at Cardiff University
2012-2015 Dr. Venkatakrishnan Veerasubramanian Engineer at Infinera
2013-2015 Dr. Igor Tselniker DSP and Algorithms Engineer, Intel, Haifa, Israel
2014-2015 Dr. Mohamed Osman Assistant Professor at Alexandria University
2013-2013 Dr. Muhammad Cheema Assistant Professor, NUES, Pakistan
2013-2014 Dr. Samir Ghosh Post-Doc at UC-Davis
2013 Dr. Wei Shi Assistant Professor at Laval University
2012-2013 Dr. Zhaobing Tian Engineer, Infinera at Ottawa
2010-2012 Dr. Ziad El-Sahn Assistant Professor at Alexandria University
2009-2011 Dr. Chen Chen Engineer at Huawei
2008-2010 Dr. Javad Haghighat Engineer at Airvana
2008-2010 Dr. Joshua Schwartz Assistant Professor, Trinity University
2007-2008 Dr. O. Liboiron-Ladouceur Assistant Professor, McGill University
2006-2008 Dr. B. West Assistant Professor, Wilfred Laurier University
2006-2007 Dr. I. Kostko Senior Scientist, MPB Technologies
2004-2006 Dr. J. Laniel Assistant Professor, CEGEP
2005-2006 Dr. M. El-Batawy Assistant Professor, Egypt
2004-2006 Dr. M. Kulishov Visiting Research Scientist
2003-2005 Mr. N. Ignatieff Administrative Director, Agile All-Photonic Networks
2004-2005 Dr. N. Belanger Research Engineer, Toronto
2001-2004 Dr. E. Lugo Post Doctoral Researcher, U. of Montreal
1999-2000 Dr. K Razavi Lawyer
1999-2001 Ms. E. Laprise Research Engineer
1998-1999 Mr. T. Yamamoto Visiting Research Engineer, from National Telephone and Telegraph Labs (NTT), Japan
1993-1996 Dr. B. Robertson Post Doctoral Researcher

Ph. D

Date Name Thesis Current Position
2015-2022 Yannick D'Mello Harvesting Solar Energy on a Silicon Photonic Chip Researcher in sustainability with McGill, Mitacs, Stocate
2018-2022 Deng Mao Design and Characterization of Silicon Photonic Devices for Data-center Optical Interconnects Optics Engineer at Marvell
2017-2021 Xueyang Li Advanced Direct-detection Systems for Data Center Communications Assistant Scientist at Peng Cheng Lab
2015-2021 Zhenping Xing Direct Detection and Self-coherent Detection Short-reach Optical Communication Systems for Data Center Networking Engineering at Huawei, China
2015-2020 Luhua Xu Photonic Devices with Subwavelength Grating and Photonic Crystal Structures for Silicon-on-Insulator Platform Photonic Support Specialist at CMC Microsystems
2015-2020 Maxime Jacques Active Silicon Photonic Components for Datacom Transceivers Photonic Engineer at Ciena, Ottawa
2015-2019 Eslam ElFiky Silicon photonic devices and circuits for data-center optical interconnects Assistant Professor at Alexandria University, Egypt
2016-2019 Md Ghulam Saber Silicon photonic devices and circuits for optical communication applications Senior Optical Engineer, Infinera, Ottawa
2014-2018 Alireza Samani Silicon photonic Mach-Zehnder modulator architectures for high order modulation formats System Enginner at Ciena
2014-2018 David Patel Silicon photonic interferometric modulators Engineer at Intel, Santa Clara, CA
2012-2018 Minh Thang Hoang Advanced Optical Transceiver for Data Center and Metro Transport Engineer at ADVA, Ottawa
2013-2018 Fangyuan Zhang Fiber Nonlinear Compensation and Estimation for Next Generation Optical Networks Engineer at Ciena, Ottawa
2013-2018 Rui Li Silicon Photonic PAM-4 Modulators for Next Generation Intra-Data Center Optical Communication Systems Research engineer at Huawei, Shenzhen, China
2012-2017 Mohamed Sowailem High-Speed Optical Systems for Intra- and Inter-Datacenter Networking Huawei Canada in Ottawa
2011-2017 Meng Qiu Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Next-Generation Coherent Optical Communication Systems Engineer at Ciena
2011-2016 Mahdi Malekiha Advanced digital signal processing in coherent fiber optic communication systems Optical System Designer II at Ciena
2011-2016 Mathieu Chagnon Optical communications for long-haul, short-reach, and chip-scale distances enabled by digital signal processing Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs at Stuttgart, Germany
2010-2015 Mohamed Osman Advanced technologies for next generation optical transceivers in long haul transport links and short reach interconnects Assistant Professor at Alexandria University
2010-2015 Xian Xu Advanced Digital Filtering Techniques for Mitigation of Linear and Nonlinear Impairments in Coherent Optical Transmission Systems Engineer at Google, Sunnyvale
2011-2014 Qunbi Zhuge Advanced Technologies for Next Generation Coherent Optical Communications Engineer at Ciena
2008-2014 Jonathan Buset Subcarrier Multiplexing for Next-Generation Optical Access Networks Engineer at Infinera
2008-2012 Yongyuan Zang Investigation of novel ferroelectrics and their electrical and optical applications Engineer at Ericsson
2008-2012 Zhaobing Tian Novel Optical Fiber Devices for Emerging Optical Applications Engineer at Ciena
2008-2012 Mohammad Pasandi Adaptive Decision‐Directed Channel Equalization and Laser Phase Noise Induced Inter-Carrier Interference Mitigation for Coherent Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Transport Systems Engineer at Ciena
2006-2012 Benoît Châtelain Network Design and Pulse Shaping for Electronically Compensated Wavelength Division Multiplexed Communication Systems Engineer at Ciena
2007-2011 Bhavin Shastri High-Speed Burst-Mode Clock and Data Recovery Circuits for Multiaccess Networks Assistant Professor at Queen's University
2007-2011 Guannan Zheng Novel Bandwidth Allocation Approaches for Hybrid WDM/TDM GPONS System Designer Engineer, Ericsson, China
2003-2007 Josh Schwartz Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) devices for Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radio Assistant Professor, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
2002-2007 Madeleine Mony Reprogrammable Optical Phased Array (ROPA) Engineer, Canadian Security Intelligent Service, Ottawa, CA
2001-2007 Wei Tang Receivers for Parallel Optics Hardware Engineer, Intel Corp, Fremont, California
2001-2007 Yiying Zuo Electro-Optic Switches Electro-Optic Modulator Designer, E-O Devices, Seattle, WA
2001-2006 Julien Faucher Burst Mode Clock and Data Recovery Circuits for Optical Multi-Access Networks Mixed Signal Circuit Designer, PMC-Sierra, Montreal, QC
2001-2006 Haiqing Wei Dispersive Optical Systems Co-Founder of start-up company
1999-2003 Venditti, M.B Transceivers for optoelectronic-VLSI circuits Mixed Signal Circuit Designer, PMC-Sierra, Montreal, QC
1998-2001 Ayliffe, M.H. Alignment and packaging techniques for free-space two-dimensional optical interconnects Sr. R&D Manager - Transmission and Passives Components, JDSU, Ottawa, ON
1996-2000 Rolston, D.R. The design, layout, and characterization of VLSI optoelectronic chips for free-space optical interconnects CTO and Co-Founder, Reflex Photonics, Montreal, QC
1994-1997 Boisset, G.C.    Optomechanics and optical packaging for free-space optical interconnects
* Ph.D (Honours)
Optical Engineer, Corning Inc., Corning, NY
1994-1997 Liu, Y.S. Design, implementation and characterization of free-space optical interconnects for optical backplanes Optical Design Engineer, Avinex Corporation, San Jose, CA


Timeline Name Thesis Current Position
2019-2022 Adam Helmy Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Microwave Photonic Frequency Downconverter TBD
2020-2022 Codey Nacke Development of an Optical Rotary Interface Using Radial Light From an Emissive Optical Fiber PhD Student at McGill
2019-2022 Santiago Bernal Optical Response of Subwavelength Gratings and Photonic Crystals in Silicon Photonic Devices and Centric Diatoms PhD Student at McGill
2019-2021 Olivier Carpentier Characterization of High Performance Waveguide Coupled Silicon Germanium Avalanche Photodiodes Business Analyst at Kearney
2018-2021 Siddiqui Hakim Effect of chest morphology on vibrational cardiography waveforms using multi-sensor analysis Product Development Technologist at Lifeguard Digital Health
2018-2020 James Skoric Respiratory Modulation of Sternal Acceleration PhD Student at McGill
2017-2020 Heba Tamazin Broadband Passive Devices for Silicon-on-Insulator Platform Optics Engineer at Adva Canada
2017-2019 Amar Kumar Passive devices in silicon photonics & their automated measurements PhD at McGill University
2016-2018 Ka Wai Michael Hui Advanced silicon photonics radio-frequency packaging using low-cost interconnects Semtech, Ottawa
2012-2015 Qiuhang Zhong Novel silicon and nanophotonic components for emerging applications in optical short-reach interconnects Self Employed
2012-2014 Alireza Samani Design and characterization of 35 GHz silicon photonic travelling wave modulator for next generation short reach communication links Ph.D student, McGill University
2012-2014 David Patel Design, analysis, and performance of a silicon photonic travelling wave Mach-Zehnder modulator Ph.D student, McGill University
2009-2011 Yang Zhu Optimal Design of Dispersion Filter for Time-Domain Implementation of Split-Step Method in Optical Fiber Communication Engineer at Cisco
2009-2011 Zhaoyi Pan Intra-channel nonlinearity mitigation of long-haulsingle carriercoherent detection optical communication systems using digital signal processing Engineer at Ciena
2008-2010 Mathieu Chagnon Digital signal processing assessment for optical coherent receiver using dual-polarization quadrature phase shift keying modulation PhD Student at McGill University
2007-2009 Xian Xu Enable technologies for direct detection optical phase modulation formats PhD Student at McGill University
2007-2009 Nicholas Zicha High-Speed Optical Receivers in Nanometer CMOS Mixed Signal Circuit Designer, Ultra-Electronics
2007-2009 Ming Zeng 5 Gb/s Burst-Mode Clock Phase Aligner for Gigabit Passive Optical Networks Engineer, Ericsson, Montreal, Canada
2007-2009 Mohamed Siam Sub-wavelength diffraction grating for tuning, filtering and switching Start-up Company
2006-2007 Noha Kader Experimental Demonstration of OCDMA and OTDMA PONS with FEC and Burst Mode Reception Engineer, Ericsson, Montreal, Canada
2005-2007 Shastri, B. Burst mode receivers for Passive Optical Networks Ph.D. Student, McGill University
2002-2005 Li, A. Burst mode receivers for Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN, WAN) Mixed Signal Circuit Designer, California based Start-Up
2003-2005 Shoukry, E. High Voltage Digital to Analog Converter Chip for Fast Optical Switching Engineer, Teledyne, Boston, MA
2003-2005 Bahamin, B. Ultra-fast optical switching using electro optic devices Advisor, Canadian Security Intelligent Service
2002-2005 Thibodeau, J-P 10 Gb/s burst mode transmitters for Agile All-Photonic Networks Mixed Signal Circuit Designer, PMC-Sierra, Montreal, QC
2002-2005 Gross, D. Distributed Clocking Systems Engineer, Teledyne, Boston, MA
2002-2005 Isac, A. Optical waveguide design and characterization Graduate School, McGill University
2001-2003 Tremblay, E. Ultrafast fiber-optic switches based on electro-optic beam scanning Ph.D. Student, UCSD
2001-2003 Pulikkaseril, C. Electro-optic beam deflection using multiple total-internal-reflection interfaces Ph.D. Student, University of Sydney, Fall, 2004
1999-2001 Faucher, J. An optoelectronic-VLSI chip with forward error correction to improve the reliability of parallel optical data links Ph.D. student, McGill University
1998-2001 Chuah, A. Design and implementation of high speed transmitters and receivers for optical interconnects in CMOS technology Design Engineer, Intel Microelectronics, Sdn. Bhd., Penang, Malaysia
1999-2001 Wilson, C. A free-carrier based silicon on insulator waveguide attenuator Optical Engineer, Nortel Networks, Ottawa, ON
1999-2001 Salzberg, M. Testing and characterization of parallel optical interconnects for scalable routing systems Optical Systems Engineer, Hyperchip, Montreal, QC
1997-2001 Laprise, E. Design and implementation of optoelectronic-VLSI chips for short reach optical interconnects Digital Designer, PMC-Sierra, Montreal, QC
1998-2000 Bernier, E. Transmitter for an adaptive redundant optical interconnect Systems Engineer, Nortel Networks, Ottawa, ON
1998-2000 Brady, G. Design and fabrication of refractive microlenses Ph.D. Student, University of Rochester, Fall, 2002
1998-2000 Mony, M. A 1 Gb/s, 9x1 optical receiver array, for an adaptive redundant free-space interconnect system Ph.D. student, McGill University Fall, 2002
1997-1999 Venditti, M.B. Temperature dependence of QCSE modulator and detector efficiency for free-space optical interconnect applications Ph.D. student, McGill University
1996-1998 Khurana, P. Optoelectronic circuit design, packaging and characterization Design Engineer, Honeywell Inc., Richardson, TX
1996-1998 Lin, L. Design, implementation, and characterization of an optical multi-carrier demultiplexer/ demodulator for satellite on-board processing Design Engineer, Chorum Technology, Richardson, TX
1995-1997 Iyer, R. Design, implementation, and characterization of an optical power supply spot array generator for a four stage free-space optical backplane Ph.D. student, University of Toronto, Fall, 2003
1995-1997 Kabal, D. Packaging of surface active optoelectronic device arrays Senior. Technology Planner, Picolight, Boulder, CO
1994-1996 Hsiao, W. Integration and characterization of an MSM array for free-space optical backplanes Customer Support Engineer, Ericsson, Montreal, QC
1994-1996 Kim, N.H. 2-D free-space optical backplane using vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers Optical Engineer, AcceLight Networks, Pittsburgh, PA
1994-1995 Rolston, D.R. A microchannel inter-connect using smart pixel window clustering for a free-space optical backplane Ph.D. student, McGill University
1993-1995 Otazo, M.R. Packaging of two dimensional optoelectronic device arrays for optical backplanes Systems Engineer, Corvis Networks, Atlanta, GA
1992-1994 Sun, L. Design and tolerancing analysis of optical interconnect system using planar optical extender cards Optical Engineer, Oz Optics, Ottawa, ON