Invited Journal Papers


Half-terabit single carrier direct detect transceiver, formats and DSP: analysis and demonstration

Journal of Lightwave Technology, accepted, 2017.

M. Chagnon, M. Morsy-Osman, and D. V. Plant

Enabling high-capacity long reach direct detection transmission with QAM-PAM stokes vector modulation

J. Lightw. Technol., vol. 35, accepted, 2017.

T. Hoang, M. Sowailem, Q. Zhuge, M. Osman, A. Samni, C. Paquet, S. Paquet, I. Woods, and D. Plant

Multi-dimensional formats and transceiver architectures for direct setection with analysis on inter-polarization phase modulation

J. Lightw. Technol., vol. 35, pp. 885-892, 2017.

M. Chagnon, M. Morsy-Osman, and D. V. Plant


Four-dimensional modulation and stokes direct detection of polarization division multiplexed intensities, inter polarization phase and inter polarization differential phase

J. Lightw. Technol., vol. 34, pp. 1585 - 1592, 2016.

M. Morsy-Osman, M. Chagnon, and D. V. Plant

Digital signal processing for dual-polarization intensity and inter-polarization phase modulation formats using Stokes detection

J. Lightw. Technol., vol. 34, pp. 188-195, 2016.

M. Chagnon, M. Osman, D. Patel, V. Veerasubramanian, A. Samani, and D. V. Plant


Experimental parametric study of a silicon photonic modulator enabled 112 Gb/s PAM transmission system with a DAC and ADC

J. Lightw. Technol., vol. 33, pp.1380-1387, 2015.

M. Chagnon, M. Osman, M. Poulin, C. Paquet, S. Lessard, and D. V. Plant

224-Gb/s 10-km transmission of PDM PAM-4 at 1.3 μm using a single intensity-modulated laser and a direct-detection MIMO DSP-based receiver

J. Lightw. Technol., vol. 33, pp.1417-1424, 2015.

M. Morsy-Osman, M. Chagnon, M. Poulin, S. Lessard, and D. V. Plant


Beyond 100 Gb/s: Advanced DSP Techniques Enabling High Spectral Efficiency and Flexible Optical Communications

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine vol. 82, OBI 10.1109/MSP.2013.2287021

A. Lau, Y. Gao, Q. Sui, D. Wang, Q. Zhuge, M. Morsy-Osman, M. Chagnon, X. Xu, C. Lu, and D. V. Plant


Rolled-up 1.5 µm InAs quantum dot tube lasers and integrated nanophotonic circuits on Si

Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series, invited talk, p. 535-536, 2013

Z. Mi, M.H.T. Dastjerdi, P. Bianucci, Z. Tian, Q. Zhong, V. Veerasubramanian, P.J. Poole, A.G. Kir, D.V. Plant


20-GSample/s (10 GHz x 2 Clocks) Burst-Mode CDR Based on Injection Locking and Space Sampling for Multiaccess Networks

IEEE Photonics Journal, 4: 1783-1793, Oct 2012

B. J. Shastri, P. R. Prucnal, and D. V. Plant

Reconfigurable Digital Functionality of Composite Resonator Vertical Cavity Lasers

IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 48: 153-159 2012

K. D. Choquette, C. Chen, A. C. Lehman, D. M. Grasso, and D. V. Plant


Topological design and dimensioning of Agile All-Photonic Networks (AAPNs)

Elsevier Computer Networks Journal, 50: 268-287

L. Mason, A. Vinokurov, N. Zhao, and D.V. Plant


Design rules for highly parallel free-space optical interconnects

IEEE J. Sel. Topics Quantum Electron., 9: 531-547

A.G. Kirk, D.V. Plant, M. Ayliffe, M. Chateauneuf, and F. Lacroix


Optical interconnects at the board and chip level: challenges and solutions

Proceedings of the IEEE, 88: 88-96

D.V. Plant and A.G. Kirk


Packaging techniques for smart pixel optoelectronics

International Journal of Optoelectronics, 11: 169-180

D.V. Plant